Zwift w/kg algorithm and disordered eating

Very relevant discussion on the topic of disordered eating in athltetes and how Zwift’s heavy reliance on w/kg can create or aggravate the issue.


I didn’t realize it was 3 articles so thanks for sharing!! Its been interesting with having a team in Premier that Zwift is pretty adamant that the racers should not post their weight videos publicly although they still give that FB group as an option, they do not want to encourage that lower weight = better cyclist
we really try not to have our ladies on my team focus on weight and so when we have events where it’s possible they will have to do weight videos, we’ve tried to balance the keep your Zwift weight current while not asking them to weight themselves constantly. I think it can still be tough, whether you’re racing elite or lower Cats, it still comes down to how each person handles it from a self esteem perspective so having someone at Alice’s level speak up I think can only help bring the right kind of attention to the issue.

Actually Alice’s story doesn’t seem to be part of the 3 part series but i think its very relevant to the discussion - i had seen her post in FB the other day and not the story links above until now

FYI in case people are interested

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