Strength training to be incorporated to your cycling plans!

I have some exciting news!!!

I am looking to incorporate a strength training program into your cycling program - if you are interested! The program will be designed by my strength coach, Jess Elliot (whose podcasts I posted in this thread), and would be uploaded into your TrainingPeaks calendar, just like the cycling workouts. There will be short videos demonstrating the movements.

I know many of you have expressed interest in strength training. This would be offered at no additional cost to you! Your only investment would be on some basic equipment if you chose to do these at home (a few dumbells, an adjustable kettle bell, etc.)

Is this something you’d be interested?


@Coach_Theia. YES!!! Please

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Yes. I was looking to add something to replace the swim. Right now I plan to use bands and my pull paddles to fashion something up

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Yes! I have KBs and dumbells allready!

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FANTASTIC!!! Thank you @Coach_Theia, and thank you Jess. I love the idea

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Yes, please! Me too!

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YESSS!! Thank You SO much for arranging, Theia!! :purple_heart:

Sorry Jess is not here… I am going to be absorbing the cost for you all :hugs: but I’ll pass on any feedback!!

That would be awesome to have strength added. With the pools closed, I started using the rowing machine, and doing arm strength exercises. I am looking into buying some stretch cords.

I’ve seen some specific for swimming but I already have paddles so I plan to just attach my stretch cords. Will see how it works either today or tomorrow.

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Yes yes and yes please @Coach_Theia. All gyms are now closed here so no training sessions with my trainer for the foreseeable future :cry:

Sound interesting, I’d love to give it a try

Yes please! :heart:

I would give it a try, thank you. I do have dumbbells; don’t have kettlebell(s)… wouldn’t mind getting some if delivery still works.

@Coach_Theia this would be great. My current program is almost over.

Thank you so much.

@Coach_Theia thank you for always looking out for us

Yay!! Awesome! I’m excited for this. Stay tuned!!

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Excellent idea! Really looking forward to it!

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This sounds awesome - - I am very interested! Also, I know nothing about the equipment to buy. Could you post links to examples of items that could be purchased from Amazon or Dicks or Target?

Yes, will do! Amazon has a lot of things sold out… but Dicks seems to have a full inventory and I got my dumbells in one day even though I did not chose expedited shipping.

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