Fuelling particularly for races

I would love some insight about how others manage their nutrition.

I am struggling most with making sure I’m well fuelled. As a vegetarian I feel like I’m eating loads but I constantly feel hungry particularly on days I ride hard. Wasn’t so much an issue when I would just go for a leisurely cruise with my hubby!

The info on here has been really helpful but it’s knowing when and what to eat and how much that I haven’t quite worked out yet.

Any help or guidance would be so welcomed :pray:


@lapartera69 there is a thread here about fueling for races. I don’t know how to tag.
I am a vegetarian and so is @Stefanie. @Stefanie did a vRAW race last year and documented her nitrition throughout the ride. It was insightful and she had great recipes. I use quite a few of them myself.

Also there is a thread of food after workouts with recipes.

@Coach_Theia has great guidance on this and I’ve been following it for this TdB and it’s working! @Stefanie gave me this recipe for oats for a pre race meal and I’m going to have it again today. And hope to my eat it for a while as it is not my favorite meal three days in a row.

As for feeling hungry. I eat mostly Whole Foods. Nothing processed. I have lots of fiber with lunch and dinner. Leafy greens and beans. In many different ways. I can’t do seitan nor icy tofu.

Search the forum for more answers and that’s a good topic for Q&A


I’m vego too, have to eat often and regularly (hypothyroid too so try to maintain stable blood sugar etc). Absolutely love peanut butter & celery sticks, cranberries & cashews, dried mango, dates/Greek yoghurt (overnight) with blueberries, green apple with cheese…

I don’t like eating too close - at least an hour before - but am starving after, usually dive into a protein shake before shower and add in yoghurt and fruit.

Dinner tonight (after WCC and ROTB) was two pieces of salmon with a brown rice/quinoa, pineapple, baby spinach and spring onion salad.


Hi @lapartera69! I’m a whole foods plant based vegan and it is challenging for sure to get the proper fuel for races and workouts but it is not impossible! Check out the Nutrition category in the forum:

Here are some links to forum threads about food and fueling that might be helpful:

Recipes are scattered all over the place throughout the forum, but here is a thread where I posted a bunch of recipes I used to file my virtual Race Across the West in June:


@lapartera69 Stefanie linked some good related topics here (thanks @Stefanie!)

The study below has very useful tables with macros per activity level and weight (see Tables I and II)

Having said all that, it is hard to know exactly what to do for yourself, and in each situation. There are general guidelines, so the idea is to start with those and adjust for how you feel and perform - because everyone is unique. For example, I found that I need even more carbs than the recommended amounts, so in competition I reduce my fat, fiber and to some extent protein intake and load on carbs.

If you are ever interested in working with a Nutrition Coach 1:1, here is more info on what I offer:

Also, I am planning to do a webcast soon on the nuts and bolds of pre/during and post event nutrition soon.


@Stefanie thanks for putting the threads in that I don’t know how to do!

@lapartera69, though I haven’t yet done nutrition with @Coach_Theia (I’m waiting on my blood tests at the end of the month), she has given me some sound advise in my food choices and her recommendations have been spot on!


Thank you so much everyone! This is so very helpful! I try not to eat a lot of processed foods where possible. We eat a heap of fresh salad and veggies.

In prep for the last stage of the TDB, I are a massive plate of stir-fried greens with tofu, rice and a garden salad. I then had some yoghurt and fruit. About 50 mins before the ride, I had a protein bar - mostly for ease because it was 4:30am here. I was surprised at how good I felt. Normally by about 30km I’m flailing but I felt really good going up Petit the second time and even had gas left in the tank to sprint to the finish.

I have started tracking what I eat again to make sure I’m eating enough. It was evident after the first couple of days I wasn’t eating enough.

I’ll have a look through all of the great resources you have added here and definitely consider the coaching @Coach_Theia!

Well done to everyone who completed TDB! What an awesome couple of days! :clap: